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Autumn Collection '21

Step Up Your Comfort

These styles pack a ton of comfort for all day wear.

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We have been making perfect fitting & comfortable footwear since 1921.

With features like arch-support, removable footbeds, contoured padding and adjustable fit; these shoes are designed to be comfortable and look great.

Shock Absorbing

As the heel strikes the ground, the polyurethane outsole absorbs the shock and activates the internal composite shank.

Arch Stabilization

The perfect density outsole and neutral internal shank stabilize the foot at mid-stride while the removable foot-bed supports the arches.

Dynamic Rebound

As you step forward, the internal shank engages, creating a dynamic forward energy return and the process starts over with the next step.


What Makes a Romika so Comfortable

A lot goes into making some of the most comfortable & perfect fitting shoes.

Adjustable Designs

Not two feet are the same. So it's important to be able to adjust a shoe or sandal to your personal unique fit.

We offer an awesome assortment of adjustable styles.


Anatomic Fit

For a shoe to feel great, it must fit properly. We carefully design and build all of our shoes to support and cushion in all the right places.

Check out our collection of shoes with removable insoles for custom fit.


Premium Materials

When you wear shoes all day, the materials that touch your feet matter. With premium leather uppers and technically advanced linings, Romika shoes feel great on the foot.

Shop our curated collection of perfect fitting, technically advanced footwear.